3 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

  1. Freedom of time
  2. Control of Your Money
  3. Financial Security 

Freedom of Time

The best reason to invest in Real Estate is Freedom of your time.  According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average full-time employed person spends 8.5 hours working.  Let us not forget the hours used to get ready for work and traveling to and from work.  If your income is solely dependent on full-time employment, you do not have much control over even the few vacation days that you are allowed per year.  Instead, you need to put in a request ahead of time in order to take this time off.  Even so, some people are so busy working that they do not get to take these “allowed” vacation days off. 

According to CNN travel, in 2018, a whopping 768 million vacation days were unused in the US. These are missed opportunities for your own personal pursuit.  It is also time taken away from family and friends. Considering that these are paid vacation days, people are basically leaving money on the table.  Real Estate investment when done right, is relatively passive, thus allowing time to pursue and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Control Of Your Money

If you invest in some other type of passive income such as the stock market, how much control do you have over your money?  The answer is really zero. Even the best Stock Analyst cannot predict the future performance of the market with 100% certainty.  There are just too many variables involved in the stock market’s performance and many unforeseen circumstances. 

Unlike stocks and bonds, Real Estate is tangible.  You can see the brick and martyr your money is invested in.  It is much easier to conceptualize the simple fact that we all need to live somewhere than to try to figure out stock market trends and such intangible, convoluted investments. 

Financial Security

There is no investment that is risk-free. However, Real Estate is by far the most secure investment.  A person who invest in a single or multi-family property can earn a steady income by renting out the property and still collects future lump sum from the sale of the property.  

Real estate is also the best inheritance to pass down to your children.  If you are concerned about paying for your child’s college education, you can invest in a rental property now, collect cash-flow while you raise your child, then sell the property to pay for college.  I prefer this over a restricted College Savings Plan because with this idea, I do not have to worry about losing my investment if my child decides not to go to college, or better yet ends up getting a scholarship instead.


Real Estate offers plenty of options to fit the goals of every investor.  With the right Real Estate professional to help you navigate, you will be well on your way to Freedom, Control and Financial Security!