Are you tired of losing sleep over your retirement account?  You are not alone.  Over the past couple of months many Americans watched in dismay as the balance in their 401k and IRA accounts diminishes.  The feeling of helpless defeat sets in and many are at a loss as to what to do now. 

The problem with 401k and IRA accounts is that people do not have much control over their money.  You basically turn your money over to a financial services corporation and hope that they know what they are doing.  Even the most reputable of these corporations, despite their efforts to mitigate risk, cannot do anything to prevent a stock market daily free-fall as what we have seen in recent months.  Hence the reason these corporations all have that “market risk disclaimer” that you must acknowledge before investing your hard-earned money. 

The alternative is to invest in real estate.  Investment property is not subjected to the same risk as stocks and mutual funds.  The fact that you can harness the power of leverage, residential real estate does not require a whole lot of cash. 

No need for sleepless nights and constant “nail biting” wondering how the financial market will open or close on a given day.   The value of your “nest egg” should not depend on the variations of remarks that Steven Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury) makes.  Real estate is tangible!  With a residential rental property, someone is paying rent to live in a physical building.  Needless to say that regardless of the trajectory of the stock market, everyone still needs a place to live.

Let us help you find a rental property today!  Call 614-286-9014.

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